The people are restless.

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APD protestors taking over City Council.

Students statewide mobilizing to demand accountability and transparency from administration.

Rallies to stop the deportations.

And so many other uprisings and events that are happening across the land of enchantment. So many that the media chooses not to cover but we know exist.

Can you blame the people?

Those with pocketful’s of privilege or inflicted with meritocratic blindness shouting shame on you for engaging in dissidence, for causing a stir…

We’re tired. How much more do we have to endure? To suffer? To wait for the system and structure to even acknowledge us?

As a protestor at last night’s City Council takeover powerfully stated: “We want change today, not tomorrow. We are done waiting.”

I am done waiting.

Something is happening across our state (nationally, globally). It’s been happening, it has been coming, and is long overdue.

The metaphoric sleeping giant has definitely awoken.

#equityandjustice #lablogadora #APDprotest

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