It reeks of privilege.


In their god damned suits, the institutional mafia. Poised to disempower the already powerless.

Do you really think for a second that they give a rat’s ass about us? Do you think they lose sleep thinking about our misfortunes? Our struggles? Our complaints? Our pleas? F… no. We don’t even exist unless we remind them that they are stepping on our throats still choking us out.

Fuming as I listen to the lies, their trivializations of our realities wrongfully imposed upon us. To the extent that I am restless in my seat, shaking my head, death stares but what does that do?

They laugh as we fail. They joke as we suffer.

We have to be strategic and intelligent. Be as effective and thorough as the ones who are waging the war on us.

We have been on the losing end for far too long.

It’s time to act. The time is now.


#equityandjustice #disgruntlededucator #institutionalracism #lablogadora

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