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Do I look like I belong to the Tuesday Club?!

Apparently yes. Ross used to be my favorite store but not any more people. No way!

I don’t think I’m in denial about my age (ok maybe a little) but can’t that chamaka at the register tell the difference between a barely over 40 year old (young) woman and a … (oh god I don’t even want to know the minimum age of this damned club)?!

There I was all happy that I still was able to (barely) squeeze into that very cute size 8 dress. That’s what I get for thinking I could sneak in a Ross trip under the radar from the man. Karma people!

I should call Ross management to complain huh? Train your mocos@s better!

Consolation prize: I got the discount.

Chale with the Tuesday Club!

Note to self: never go to Ross on Tuesdays.


#lablogadora #xicanarant

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