The “Have you Googled me?” Phenomena (aka – “Google Gazing”)

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Yeah you know what I’m talking about or maybe you don’t. What I’m referring to is this trend in which it is now the norm to Google the people we encounter on a daily basis. WTF. Yes that’s exactly what I said when I first learned of this practice but apparently it’s completely ok and most folks on the dating scene will even Google the candidate to get an idea of who they will be hanging with.

Anybody else think this is slightly sick, invasive, and maybe a tad bit voyeuristic in nature? Or is it just me the outdated “Tuesday Club” grandma that is not so fond of this practice? What happened to the times when there was more privacy? Damn you Internets! (Haha, get it? The “Internets?” No? Google it then!)

Let me continue with the “Google Me” story because it gets worse, much worse. A couple of weeks ago I attended a meeting at the institution and without getting into the details I encountered a problematic man with obvious power issues who later yelled in my face that I should Google him so that I would know who I was talking to. “Do you know who I am? Have you Googled my name so you know you know who you’re talking to?”   OMG, what?! I should have yelled back in his face – “you should Google me so you know who you’re messing with!” Ha!

But seriously has this trend become so normalized and commonplace that it is completely ok for us to openly discuss the practice? Was my alarm and slight shock of being directed to “Google” him out of place?

So honestly what’s your weekly (or maybe daily, yikes!) people Googling quota?

Next time the opportunity arises I am going to blurt out loud – “Google me!” Not.

I don’t know about you but I think I’m anti “Google Gazing.”

#lablogadora #googlegazing

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