The Water Wars Wage on/Recordando la Gran Maya Angelou

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It has taken me a couple of days to try and put these thoughts to paper not because your passing had no effect but because I am still trying to grasp the fact that you have left us.

Many of you already know that the water wars wage on everywhere – from the pueblos in Mexico to here in New Mexico. People are up in arms over our human right to our most precious resource – el agua, our sacred water.

On Wednesday, May 28th many of the community’s voices were heard loud and clear during the Bernalillo County Planning Commission meeting – we will unite to defend our water. We will stand up against the powerful corporations armed with their treacherous capital ready to take property and rights not theirs.

Humbly sitting among all of these dedicated leaders from across our communities I kept thinking that everything seemed to turn out right. The message relayed from the community was powerful and was heard by the commissioners many of whom expressed their own concerns and even contempt towards the power players present.

It was then amidst the voices speaking clearly and the ears listening that I learned of your passing. It was at that very moment that I realized it was your spirit present in the air emblazoning us with the needed strength to give fluidity and might to our words. It was you who made everything right.

I imagine that the Earth is often times glad when many of us pass because all we ever did was to take and trample upon her. But there are some who cause the Earth to shudder when they take their last breath upon her saying their last goodbyes. You are one of those said people who the Earth will miss because all you ever did was to give.

#lablogadora #waterwars #MayaAngelou #contrasantolina

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