The Quest…

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The human body is powerful but even more so is the mind – to date our sharpest tool.

I don’t think it was a vision but a confrontation with the alter ego or el tezkatllipoka. The smoking mirror patiently waiting for us to take a peek but so many of us running the other way. Not ever really knowing oneself is sometimes better than the alternative.

Tick tock but without a clock.

Our days so filled to the brim with monotonous routine, responsibilities galore, material frivolities, sometimes so much utter nonsense that we lose sight of how slowly the sun actually treads its path across the sky.

No talking buffalos, no soaring eagles, not even a visit from La Llorona.

Just me, my thoughts, and what seemed to be a reflection of my face eventually dispersing in the clouds overhead. A reminder that time is fleeting, that I am fleeting.

Sitting there listening to the politicos I realized that I am no longer the person I was before. Disparaging words heard in the distance leaving me with a sensation of some type of out of body experience.

Of that I am certain, indeed there was a change – a long awaited metamorphosis about to unravel.

#lablogadora #chicana #panchavilla

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