Mexi-macho, Mexi-menos, or Mexi-mucho?

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Which one are you?

Ok well maybe I should explain a bit before you decide but I think the terms say it all.

A Mexi-macho is one of those individuals (either male or female) that fits the stereotypic bill of the problematic superimposed Mexican@ machista (yes women can be some of the worst machistas!). They don’t know any other form of being but to demand, berate, and belittle. The Mexi-macho has a rather negative aura about them and are not pleasant to be around. The Mexi-macho tends to wear their pants or skirt too high above the waist and attempts to enact an ever so slight Chol@-esque strut in their walk. Mexi-machos are usually administrators, cops, and sometimes teachers.

The Mexi-menos, well you can probably guess exactly what I’m talking about. This is the individual who has decided to do everything in their power to hide their Mexican@ness. These individuals tend to have shifty eyes and an abundance of identity issues. They are mainly focused on their swallowing and then negating society’s ill regard towards Mexican@s. The Mexi-menos tend to intentionally mispronounce their names, e.g. Juan becomes a version of “Won.” They do not outwardly celebrate any of their Mexican@ culture or traditions but deep inside the Mexican@ within them is patiently waiting to burst out – “soy Mexican@ y que!” The Mexi-menos again fall in the realm of administration, especially at higher education institutions or in 9-5 office jobs, usually in telemarketing.

Now the Mexi-mucho on the other hand is the Mexican@ that is filled with so much “Viva la Raza” pride that they are bursting at the seams with Mexican@ness. In this category you will find the overactive activista and the “don’t mess with me” super Mexica. The Mexi-mucho has no problems with being Mexican@ and in fact boasts about their heritage every chance they get. The Mexi-mucho although filled with self-pride is usually fun to be around and always seems to be ready to break into a pro Chican@ rally chant. Mexi-muchos are usually students or unemployed, jk.

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