“Spirit Flesh” aka Twisted Co-optation


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He calls himself the “Father of the Modern Primitive Movement, Teacher & Artist.” He was “born in 1930 on what was then an Indian Reservation, Fakir is a depression baby from Aberdeen, South Dakota.” South Dakota people! (see http://fakir.org/aboutfakir/index.html).

Many of the images you will find on his website highlight bare-breasted women pulling chest piercings. Yes I’m serious and from what I can see on his website, Fakir has turned sacred Sun Dance into a modern performance meant to entertain others. Sundance on a stage to entertain? What’s next?

Flesh offerings for fun, entertainment, and for shamanistic ecstasy? Talk about yet another example of a sick and twisted co-optation of sacred Indigenous traditions.

I’m still in a state of disbelief and it’s difficult for me to even look at the images on the website.

I have an idea – let’s organize as many Sundancers and Sundance families as we can and show up to his “Spirit + Flesh” workshop and ritual in San Francisco December 6, 2014?

#lablogadora #cooptation #respectindigenoustraditions

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3 comments on ““Spirit Flesh” aka Twisted Co-optation”

  1. I’ve see pictures post of these events on Facebook and always wondered why they were doing that. When learned about the Sun Dance, I really started questioning there true intensions. I find this troubling and sad.


    1. Yes it is very troubling and pathetic if you ask me. These people are lost and I feel some pity for them but co-opting is wrong. Their rituals are a disrespect to Sundance ceremonies.


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