Poncharrona – Compliment or Insult?

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So the other night I was sitting at my desk minding my own business when the man passes by and tells me the following: “Te vez muy bien… bien poncharrona.” He says this while flexing his biceps and doing some sort of luchador stance.

Of course my jaw drops and out of my mouth shoots in a growlish voice – “what the hell (well actually not hell ☺) is that?” “Who are you calling poncharrona and what are you trying to say?” The man responds – “it’s a good thing” as he bolts out of the room chuckling.

Hijo de la…

So my friends I want to know if you think being called a poncharron or poncharrona is a good thing? Or should I continue to be offended as I visualize this masked luchadora in my mind?

Does anyone even know the definition of poncharrona?

I think I’m going to use my poncharrona self to put the man in a head lock and show him who’s who.

#lablogadora #panchavilla #xicana

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