“What’s your price?”

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sell out

That’s what one of the friendlier politicos said to me a few weeks back and the question still hasn’t left my mind.

I had been giving him a hard time about how the system buys us raza with their hard to resist centrally-located offices, per diems, and nice paychecks when he shot back and said – “everyone has a price, what’s yours?”

Is he right? Do we all have a price?

Maybe I don’t know my price because I’ve yet to be offered anything substantial. I keep waiting for administration to call me in to their office and say: “We are granting you your PhD today, there’s a tenured position waiting for you at either the University of Alaska or Fargo, North Dakota, and here’s a bonus check written out for $50,000. Just sign on the dotted line and all we ask is for you to keep your mouth shut.” All said with a wonderful smile on their faces.

Well I’m still waiting for the provost or president to call me in any day now ☺ #WTFrank?

Joking aside, one of the things that I have been conscious and proud of is that to date I haven’t succumbed to the $ sign or maybe it’s that I haven’t been presented with an off the chart choice. Or wait… does a teaching salary count as a big payday? Yeah didn’t think so.

But what I have observed over the years as I continue the self-torture at the institution is that so many of our raza fall into the assimilationist track because we become too dependent and content with the dollar bills they keep putting in our pockets and the titles behind our names. There seems to be an equation at work here: the greater the paycheck + the longer the title = the greater the conformity.

Recent example: I couldn’t believe it when I heard the salary and an added $5,000 for less than 2 months work that a former supposed student activist (now turned top-notched placater) had received at the institution. Her salary is even greater than many of our tenured professors. Que pasa raza?

Is it that I’m hating or is it that I’m hating the system that has the power to buy so many of us out?

All I can say is chale with the price tag! Que viva nuestra gente y que sigua la lucha!

#lablogadora #xicana #resistance

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