Tu Palabra…

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(Awkwardly translated to giving your word).

I need to say it up front that at this precise moment I am writing from a hard and hurt space. You know those darned days when nothing seems to go right and everything definitely goes wrong. Yeah one of those dreadful ones.

What does tu palabra, your word, mean to you?

Let me clarify what I mean by palabra because the superficial translation to “word” doesn’t capture what it means in my head and for many others who grew up in vast urban concrete jungles, barrios, hoods, and reservations.

Palabra means everything to some but obviously nothing to others. In a sense it symbolizes an agreement, an understanding between people, something sealed that should not be broken – calling it a promise would not do it justice.

Given that bare bones definition, your palabra should not be so readily compromised and disregarded.

When you give your palabra to especially those of us who grew up disenfranchised and disempowered, then mean it and respect it.

#lablogadora #xicana #panchavilla

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