L@s politic@s…

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… come in all shapes, sizes, and walks of life.

But one thing that they have in common is the platica they carry and will come to master. Their affirmative nods, firm handshakes, and mumbled rhetoric that confuses many, fools some, but not los truchas who can see right through the muddled mess.

I have often time wondered what happened to l@s politic@s? What were the experiences that led them astray and led them to seek self-promotion more so than the well being of their gente?  What marked the exact moment when they came to forget the promises they made?

Is it a personality trait or a genetic variability dictating their all too predictable behaviors? Or is it the potential lining of their pocketbooks with sketchy contributions and the 15 minutes of fame and glory that moves them?

At one point I trusted a politic@ or two. I believed in their false promises and the feigned commitment but then came to the stark realization that I would become one of the many to be trampled upon during their climb to the illusory top.

Neutrality is a cover up. It is an easy and false choice. Neutrality in the eyes of the people will always equate to betrayal, always.

#lablogadora #lospoliticos

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