Netflix Binge Syndrome

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Anybody else out there suffering from what I will refer to as Netflix Binge Syndrome (NBS)? Those of you with the smirks on your faces know exactly what I’m talking about.

Let me describe the scenario: The individual is laying in bed or couch or even in their favorite chair, laptop propped up on a comfy pillow to absorb the ridiculous heat emanating from the overworked machine, snack at hand, and drink within in reach while spending countless hours aimlessly watching episode after episode of old and new TV shows available on Netflix.

I realized I had a problem when my computer containing all my precious data and work almost fried after I had binge-watched close to a complete season of The Killing in one sitting. I didn’t even care that I had reached the point of numb nachas and a stiff neck. I was too consumed with the awesomeness of watching episode upon episode devoid of the dreadful weeklong cliffhangers and even better – no commercials! And believe me when I say that I’ve never been the TV type but somehow I’ve become a Netflix binger. Yikes. Isn’t admitting you have a problem the first step to recovery?

I recently realized that I’m not the only one with this problem (maybe addiction?). I had gone out to dinner with my good friend and this topic surfaced when we were both complaining about our lack of progress on our dissertations over the summer. The culprit? Netflix bingeing. It hit me we had major problems when she said she had spent most of her day at work worrying about the characters in her current binge – Breaking Bad (I haven’t touched that one yet, too many seasons!). There she was right across from me with these wide eyes and a slightly wild look on her face confiding that she was seriously worried about these people on TV! Now I know I have a problem but I don’t think I’ve gotten to the point of worrying about my “friends” on TV. Ok maybe once or twice I did spend too much time in a meeting thinking about what my eyes would feast on that night.

We realized after our first ad hoc therapy session that Netflix bingeing had become our way of avoiding other important and stressful matters in our lives (e.g. finishing the PhD, major decisions to be made, political conflicts, relationships, etc.).

Anyone else out there know what I’m talking about or is this an isolated condition limited to suffering PhD students? How many other gente out there suffer from Netflix Binge Syndrome? Andale people confess or maybe I’ll see you at next week’s Netflix Binger Anonymous meeting.

Can someone please send me the link to the 12-step program for treating NBS?

[P.S. Currently binge-watching this terrible series called American Horror Story. Who recommended that one? Yes the crazy friend.]

[P.P.S. If you haven’t Netflix binged, don’t start because once you do you can’t stop, serious.]

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