Goodbye Mork…

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Even though it had been years since I’ve seen anything with Robin Williams, it was still so sad to hear of his passing.

What has most stayed on my mind is how he passed. The question continues to linger – how many of us out there have faced episodes of depression whether mild to severe? It’s something that I know I didn’t grow up talking about and I’m sure this applies to a lot of us.

Growing up poor y bien Mexican didn’t afford us with much time to figure out if we were depressed or not. But over the years that have accumulated, I have struggled with some issues, but never to the point of ending what should be considered a privilege – that of being alive and still walking upon this Earth.

During our Sundance my amazingly strong and beautiful tia reminded us that she sacrificed in this way because all she has known is a good life – although she grew up poor and Mexicana in the monster city of LA, she was never mistreated or abused. Sundance was her way of giving back, of giving thanks, and of being connected with those who have suffered greatly.

Ay Mork didn’t you have it all? This should make us stop and question what it means to be truly complete and to live a fulfilling life. So many of us have succumbed to the falsity that material goods, wealth, and recognition will grant us happiness, but so many examples to contradict this.

These are the things I remind myself of when I feel the low tide coming on… so many internal battles lost and won. The Red Road teaching to live everyday as if it were your last.  Easier said than done…  I know but we could still try.

Que descanses en paz – nanoo nanoo.

#lablogadora #xicana

*Art by Swiniaki

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