Hispanics turning white?!

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Ay dios mio could the nightmare be coming true that the raza is undergoing an identity shift from Hispanic to white? Yes I’m referring to the Pew study that came out a few months ago followed by the sensationalized article titled “More Hispanics Declaring Themselves White” published in the New York Times. Most disturbing, but yet based on an incomplete analysis was the following quote from that article:

“2.5 million Americans of Hispanic origin, or approximately 7 percent of the 35 million Americans of Hispanic origin in 2000, changed their race from ‘some other race’ in 2000 to ‘white’ in 2010.”

Do you remember the figures cited or did you block it out of your memory too? I tried my best to shrug off the media hype and the non-Latino (and some High-spanic) idiotas that suddenly became the experts on the topic who ended up making us look even worse but what’s new.  Anyway… I tried to sweep all of it under the dusty rug as inconsistent data but darn it I keep getting constant reminders that the pesadilla might be somewhat true! Believe me when I tell you that I have never marked off “white” on the hundreds of forms I’ve had to fill out over the years. I am proud to say that I’ve always checked off “other” or often times cross through the section with an angry and annoyed slash. But could it be that deep down inside almost every Hispanic is the secret desire to join the ranks of the whites? And what about forced whitening? Ok confession: to my horror I was classified as “white” on my birth certificate, so was my mom and dad, both very Mexicanos who could barely speak English at the time that I was born. What’s up with that Califas? Maybe it has to do with the fact that I was delivered by a sleepless and obviously delusional intern at the monstrous General Hospital.

Despite my reluctance to engage in the dirty garra topic, the saying that behind every lie there is some truth keeps ringing in my head. So I wanted to share some of the latest in my face evidence that our raza just might be trying to jump over to the white side of the fence:

  1. The continuous sightings of platinum blonde Mexicanas with colored-in black eyebrows at the local carniceria (you should have seen the weirded out look on the muchacha’s face as she stared at me from behind the register when I asked her if I could take a picture of her head for my latest blog – nope didn’t work!).
  2. The vato at an academic presentation introducing himself as “Won Rivers” aka Juan Rios.
  3. Paul Rodriguez’s bizarre and unexpected comments against the women and children detainees – seriously Paul? You think that letting them stay would send the wrong message to the rest of them? #WTFrank?
  4. The super Mexica-looking woman insisting that she doesn’t even understand Spanish at Pros – “Do I look like I speak Spanish?” said in an annoyed high-pitched voice when I asked her “donde estan las tortillas?”

I’m sure you have more to add to the list.

But before we disown our confused raza, let’s look at the issue from a different angle. We continue to face oppression, hate, and a heavy-duty anti-immigrant sentiment. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, racial profiling is at an all time high and the majority of Hispanics and Latinos are erroneously categorized as “illegal” or an automatic “immigrant” by the mainstream. And no matter how many bilingual ed programs we have, speaking Spanish is still not viewed as “cool.” When was the last time you heard someone say to the Mexicano at the counter – “oh I love your accent”? As opposed to the “oh my gosh where are you from?! I just love your accent!” squealed to the Aussie from down under shopping at Trader Joes. Uh huh you know what I’m talking about.

Every since that Huntington article in 2004 categorizing “Hispanics” as the new brown challenge (or better yet, threat), biases against brown folks continue to rise and if you notice carefully – they’re even afraid of us. Yup. That’s why they keep arming themselves for when we do take over (which we will!).

So next time you see the güera oxigenada at the carniceria or el baile, remember that her wanting to reach some likeness of “white” is ultimately a consequence and reflection of society’s continued ill will towards us.

(For an awesome schooling of the NY Times writer who wrote the we’re all turning white nonsense, see #LatinoRebels – http://www.latinorebels.com/2014/05/21/1-2-million-latinos-tell-census-theyre-now-white-and-nytimes-thinks-its-awesome/)


#lablogadora #mexicana-not-white #chalewiththewhitething

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