Who needs enemies when we have each other?

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mujer calavera

Alright raza when does one finally earn their stripes? Please don’t tell me when I’m 6 foot under or actually in my case, strewn all over the Califaztlan coast.

Let me explain a bit more. I’m referring to the unfortunate reality in our communities, especially among activists, of the practice of “hating” on one another. When did we forget that we are all (or should be) working towards the same end goal? Or aren’t we all most concerned with the progress, success, and well being of our gente?

Last time I was at a community meeting I was pretty much torn to shreds and at one point I felt like losing my superficial cool and shouting – “who died and made you the patron/patrona of all activists?!” Chingao!

Isn’t what matters that we want to demand and make change in our white-ified institutions and in our communities or at least function as the perpetual thorn in their side? Do I seriously need to start carrying my activista CV and read it aloud during introductions? Hmmm… no, that might not go to0 well.

All I’m saying is that I’m tired of all of the divisive fronteras within us. We fight against the fronteras dividing our families but what about those darned fronteras we’ve set up among ourselves? We can’t successfully and completely tear down the outside fronteras until we destroy the ones between us.

I know, I know… I’m not supposed to be publicly talking about our garras suicias but how else will we confront and hopefully solve this problem we have.

I don’t think I’m above and beyond anyone of my camaradas. I read all that crap about the nature of internalized oppression and the colonizer/colonized mentality long ago. We hold each other down because we have learned from the bad example set by society. But what has put my perspective most in check is knowing what it feels like to constantly be at the bottom rung of the activist ladder.

Raza let’s stop wasting time choosing the best knife to insert in each other’s backs and instead see the power and beauty in working juntos – now that’s how we’ll put them in check.

1 comments on “Who needs enemies when we have each other?”

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