Say No to Zombie Developments

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La Jicarita


Editor’s Note: The author is a member of the Contra Santolina Working Group, which is made up of various organizations, nonprofits, neighborhood associations, community leaders, and concerned community members. They decided to join forces against the Santolina Master Plan so they could align efforts and advocate more effectively.

I’m hoping that by now most Albuquerque residents have heard about the looming Santolina Master Plan. This is the massive 13,700-acre development that is being proposed for the city’s West Side. The plan area is bounded by I-40 to the north, 118th Street and the open space to the east, the Pajarito Mesa on the south, and the area adjacent to the Rio Puerco Valley on the west (Bernalillo County). At build-out it is expected to have 37,930 dwelling units with a population of ~ 95,000 people. This would be larger than the present City of Santa Fe. But…

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