Seriously New Mexico (and Nation) que paso?

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Anybody else in deep depression or straight out anger this morning?

Maybe I should go door to door telling folks thanks a lot for not getting your behind out to vote.

4 more years of Susana la … (fill in the blank with your favorite word). And if that wasn’t enough of a slap in the face, now a Republican controlled NM House of Reps for the first time since 1950 and the punch in the stomach – a Republican controlled congress [just gagged and choked typing that].

But you know what this reflects? We’ve become flojos – yes I said it. Flojos after continuously hearing how were the majority this and the majority that. Well where the heck was that majority yesterday and where has that majority gotten us people? Um hmm, here to this point.

Maybe this nightmare will serve to wake us up from the apathetic slumber many of us have fallen into. Estamos dormidos. Complacent with so many electronic gadgets that keep us in a constant eye lock with el pinche Facebook, Twitter, and that Insta-crap.

On the other hand, of my obvious disappointment and disgust, I think that this is also a reflection of our disillusionment with the Democratas. I mean sometimes I have trouble discerning between our supposed democrat allies and the republican foes. And if we throw the dirty garras out there, sometimes our democrats behave worse than the republicans – what’s up with that? Is it that they have forgotten what it means to truly work for the people and for social, racial, and economic justice?

So reflecting a bit on this horrible, horrible pesadilla I think we slightly deserve it. We have earned that slap-in-the-face-wake-up call that will hopefully shake us up so bad that we can finally react. Imagine the power and the force if we really took advantage of our numbers?

Here’s my non-professional political analysis: that is exactly what scared the republicans into effective strategy. They are afraid of our growing numbers and the power that might bring with it. But instead of sitting back and giving up they armed themselves and strategized to kick our behinds and kicked it real good.

We need to wake up people! We need to unite to defend our communities. We need to organize in the same manner that the republicanos did. Si no lo hacemos y no reaccionamos, nos va llevar la chinflada.

Here’s to day one, only 1,407 to go.

#lablogadora #damnyourepublicans #democratswaketheF-up #aydioslasusana

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