Battling the Corrupt System and its Players…

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el rio

La lucha va seguir…

I don’t even know how to start this one. Sitting here en el pinche Starbucks of all places trying to make sense of it all, my head still clouded and in the haze of denial. Damn the pain! Damn you vendidos!

Pain and frustration with the reality that at the end of it all it did not matter what we said, or what we did, or who we brought (and damn we had back up!) because they were already bought.

We lose even when we organize, even when we are professional, even when we behave, and even when we have the research to walk the talk. If that is the case, then why play by their rules?

I’m a bit surprised that one tear has yet to fall when inside me siento tan, pero tan mal. Internally screaming at the top of my lungs to el rio who I see everyday of my life, to nuestros abuelitos that I am ultimately accountable to, and to the land – I TRIED, we tried, but los cabrones won today.

Maybe I haven’t cried because my being, my subconscious knows that we will not give up hope, even when the system betrays us, crushes us, and slaps us with the harsh reminder that we are playing with it’s rules.

So today I will mourn and be one with the pain but tomorrow is a new day and another opportunity. Mañana sale un nuevo sol. And although we may not ever completely dismantle the oppressive and unjust system, we can and will find pleasure in being the perpetual thorn in their side.

#lablogadora #contrasantolina

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