The system is broken…

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[Clarification: you are right my dear amigo RR, the system is not broken, it is working the way it is intended to, not in our favor.]

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Today is one of those days that I can feel the massive weight and heavy burden of the broken system upon my Brown female body. Today I embrace my title of “Angry Chicana.” Today more so than others I find myself feeling as if #icantbreathe.

My Chicana heart bleeds for the 43 Brown bodies disregarded, memories of Michael Brown, and Eric Garner shamelessly and unjustly murdered, not killed.

These only the latest cases of how Brown and Black lives don’t matter to those in power and symbolic of the countless Others that don’t and won’t make the headlines because our society has grown callous, cold, and immune.

My mind keeps wandering off to the same old question – how many more bodies will be disposed of? How many more family members discarded?

Many of us say #yabasta but when will it really be enough? When will we go beyond just saying the words “we’re tired” and act, react, and retaliate?

If we are the new majority, growing even exponentially in their frightened eyes and mind, then why is the revolution not happening? What keeps us from going there? Is it fear? Is it backlash? Is it the potential loss of our useless material gains? Is it comfort or outright complacency? Is it that we have become players in the very system that works to keep us down? Que?!

For those of us with at least half of an eye open, how do we convince Others that the time has come to look up from the hypnotic screen and disconnect from the machine? The most pressing time is upon us today, not tomorrow and we can’t continue to watch the nuevo sol leave us further and further behind.

When will go beyond just saying, posting, and tweeting #notonemore, #blacklivesmatter, and #yabasta?

When chingado when?

All we have to do is to stop in our monotonous tracks, link up our arms, walk forward, and demand that the time is now.

Later is no longer acceptable.


#lablogadora #Chicana #reactandretaliate


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