Sometimes we win…

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[Written after a committed group of community members were able to get a “Do Pass” on SM 80 – calling for discussion of a temporary moratorium on large development because of water uncertainties in our state.]

el agua

All of those hard-working activistas and organizers know exactly what I’m talking about and know the feeling.

Most of our work is a continuous uphill battle and too many times we have to endure defeat. Too many times we have to pass by their gloating distorted faces but never with our heads hung low.

How can we even begin to compare our $500 raised with so much effort to their limitless accounts? They get paid muchos elotes while many of us don’t even make a single centavo.

But the bucks are not what make us tick, it’s never what keeps us in the game. It is the love we have for our gente that guides us throughout and our obligations to los abuelitos that keep us in check. Some of us never forget who we are and where we came from because our roots run deep and will remain firmly grounded.

So today the universe aligned itself and we witnessed a victory despite the registered lobbyists who came out of the woodwork with the shiny $ branded on their foreheads.

Today was our turn to feel the rush the other side is so used to feeling.

Tonight we will savor the moment for tomorrow we return to the never ending battle against the system and all of its players.

#lablogadora #contrasantolina #chicana #contralobbyists

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