Do lobbyists have souls?

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I can’t help to ponder this question especially after seeing the same faces at every hearing that we’ve gone into battle over the issue of our limited water resources. You would think that scientific reports, real climatic change, and major headlines would be enough to wake them up from their money-riddled stupor, but apparently not.

I can still visualize and hear that brown-faced tonto stand up to speak against the realities of the drought – business first, humanity later. If his abuelita only knew what he was really doing she’d probably head up to Santa Fe and give it to him good in front of everyone.

The other day I forced myself to spend some time carefully observing the opposition. I wanted to see if I could spot any sign of ‘remordimiento’ (remorse) or of ‘conciencia’ (conscience) but none was noted. I kept thinking to myself – do they hear any of our words? Do they hear any of the seriousness behind the points we are making? Do they understand that for us it is not about the sheer victory or the dollar bill? For us it is about our community and especially our children.

I mentioned this thought out loud to the small group of dedicated souls that have helped me to get through this battle.

“Do you think the lobbyists and developers care? Do you think they ever really think about anything that we say?”

To which one of my mentors quickly and sharply responded – “NO!!”

She then related the following story which surely set her on the path she currently walks as a defender of water.

She recounted how at the young age of 7 she had witnessed the developer’s bulldozers trample the beautiful orange orchard down below her family’s property. She painfully recalled how they didn’t even bother to save the fruit from the trees. Something so symbolic and profound to a person who understands the hard work and sacrifice of producing even a small crop from the land. The bulldozers trampled the trees… bleeding, damaged fruit covering the ground. The story unfortunately did not end there for her childhood home and precious lemon trees suffered the same fate.

As a human being I have always wanted to give others the benefit of the doubt but now I can answer my own question – lobbyists, developers, agents, and turned lawmakers DO NOT HAVE SOULS.

They sleep easy at night dreaming of their next big check at the expense of our communities and our children. They don’t care about the realities of drought. They don’t care about the long-term consequences. They don’t think about what stewardship to the land we walk on entails. All they care about is the quantity of bills in their greedy grubby hands.

Those cabrones sold their souls to el capitalistic diablo a long time ago.

But one day when the shit really hits the fan and water is no more they will be faced with the severity of what they did.

Esta noche reposamos porque manana sigue la batalla.
(Tonight we will rest because the battle continues tomorrow.)

#lablogadora #contrasantolina #contralobbyists #waterwars

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