#Santolina Nightmares

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Santolina poster

I woke up with the same sick-to-my-stomach feeling I fell asleep with late last night. You know that horrible sensation you get in the pit of your pansa when you know you were wronged or when something really bad has happened or will happen? Yeah, that one. It seems as if my mind kept playing flashbacks of the hearing all night. Santolina has invaded my dreams the same way it stands to invade our backyards…

Screen shot 2015-05-12 at 9.41.40 AM

I should just change my name to Santolina, not. My poor kids are probably sick of hearing the name. Poor plantita now associated with such stigma. It’s not you plantita, it’s the shameless developers, suits, and sellouts behind it all.

I couldn’t help myself again. I’ve been so ‘behaved’ throughout it all. I sat there and respectfully listened to all of it, every single misconstrued and distorted word that oozed out of the gaping hole they call mouth.

          Shame on you! Thank you for the falsity of the democratic process!

A long time ago many of us realized it was a game, a good for nothing show to be played out at the expense of the people. But yesterday’s commission-hearing-turned-telenovela, still managed to cause a burning sensation in my heart and mind.

I keep thinking about the 3 commissioners who continue to vote against the good of the community and the people. What are they thinking? What was it that led them to this point of no return? Is it power? Is it the perpetual 15-minutes of fame or shame syndrome? Is it some backdoor deal or barter in the works? Is it the lure of future political positions?

What do you tell a community when you know that there is absolutely nothing that you can say or do that will cause a shift in the thinking of these closed-minded politicos? What words can be offered to convince people not to lose complete hope in systems that continue to fail us?

Amidst the sinking feeling of hopelessness I was slapped back into place when I felt the little arms hug me from behind and whisper ‘I love you mami’ into my almost deafened ear. We do it for our children, their children, the seven generations to follow.

What these cabrones don’t understand is that it’s not about them, it’s about those to come. It’s about caring for the Madre Tierra that we walk on. It’s about ensuring our river continues to flow.

I had to remind myself last night as I shouted those words that I was not out of line. We have every right to voice our concerns. We know that we are on the right side of history and we will continue to fight for the wellbeing of our people, our tierra, and our sacred water.

Hasta la victoria!

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