Toxic Raza

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Does the title need any explanation?

We know who you are and you especially know who you are.

You are the constant thorn in our side that reminds us that the greatest weight of oppression comes from our own.

Damn, it hurts to even write those words – our own.

You are the kind that nothing or no one will ever be good enough.

Nadie y nada.

If you step back and observe you notice there’s a pattern to it. God forbid anyone other than you and yours be noticed, be recognized, be thanked, or engage in anything.

“Who do you think you are? You’re not even from here.”

Those sharp words ringing loudly in my ears.

Always the same petty arguments used in their useless war. I ask myself – who are they fighting against? Who are they trying to pull down as they slip into the deep chasm of hate and self-loathing?

I think of the contradictions of it all. What happened to those hijos de la chingada who are from here but threw their gente under the bus to get trampled upon a long, long time ago?

My first breath of air was not taken on these lands but that does not prevent a being from growing roots. The naysayers forget that roots run deep and connect the people in ways that are stronger than what their narrow minds can understand.

Toxic raza so full of hate, spilling out and over, oozing into spaces that should be meant for only unity and change.

But the elders remind us that in spite of your poisonous words and thoughts, we have to move forward.

#toxicraza #chicana

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