The questionable act of FB un-friending

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I can almost guarantee that every single one of us on the Facebook hook has been un-friended at some point or another or worse yet, has committed the act on someone else.

Scenario: The other day that I was seeking self-entertainment I decided to actually spend time peering into the lives of my FB friends. To be completely honest, this is something that I don’t do very often. I am one of those almost uni-directional FB users. Meaning that I post, often for the act of concientización, but, I don’t spend much time on the newsfeed or looking at individual’s pages. I haven’t formed the habit of FB spying because part of me feels a bit wrong doing it, as if I’m violating some type of privacy policy or partaking in an act of gazing.

But, on this day I wanted to take a closer look mostly to see what other locos were posting on their pages. I had in particular been thinking about someone who belongs in one of my outer academic circles and wanted to snoop in on him a bit but as I searched his name and pressed enter I quickly realized the cabron had unfriended me! I was thinking ‘no f…ing way!’ What had I done to this person? What had I said that had annoyed or bothered him to extent of going through the necessary steps required in the act of unfriending?

cat unfriend

What does the act of unfriending mean in the age of social media takeover? Should I take it personally much against the teachings of The Four Agreements? Should I take offense? Should I plot a virtual revenge of sorts? Should I send him a friend request just so he knows that I know that he committed such a low and petty act against innocent me?

Haha, none of the above.

I had to remind myself that I had committed the heinous act against others, many of who to my more reflective and reasonable thinking, did not deserve the act themselves [well maybe the former student who kept posting very inappropriate pictures of herself and the other loca who had been so utterly disrespectful and had exhibited such disloyalty did earn the unfriending act]. I can clearly recollect those moments of annoyance with something a person had done or said or for that matter, posted, that had driven me to that point of no return – the clicking of the unfriend button.

What does the act of FB unfriending say about relationships and friendships during these virtual times? It seems as if social media has trivialized human connection to such an extent that without much thinking we give the green light to friend relative strangers while simultaneously it has become too easy and too quick to remove someone from our circle of supposed friends.

Moral of the story: next time you feel like unfriending someone, take a breather from the social media crap we are immersed in and realize that the act in whatever angle you approach it, can be read as a slight against another human being or was that the purpose to begin with? Hmmmm….

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1 comments on “The questionable act of FB un-friending”

  1. hahaha… yea, FB can be a drag when looking too much into it. I’ve been off FB for almost 6 months now, and not the deactivation thing.. like i deleted it! i had a flux of emotions but in the end, it turned out best.
    unfriending someone in cyber space CAN be taken differently than not seeing that person ever again. why? because even if you don’t interact directly we would still see the persons activity so you feel like you know people, and reversly we feel that people know us. So when the unfriending happens.. *GASP* he/she no longer wants to know me? HOW DARE SHE/HE?
    The unfriending from close/ or what you thuoght to be close friends is the one that hurts more.
    love your spanglish!


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