When did we stop caring?

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Or maybe it’s not that we don’t care. It’s that too many of us care more about what’s the latest Reality TV chisme than we do about Mother Earth and even less about the human condition.

[Disclaimer: this doesn’t apply to all and most likely not to those who will take a moment out of their busy lives to read this.]

I’m trying so hard not to go there but I must.

I waited for you the other day. I even sat by the door so that I could give you the latest update as you walked in but you never showed your face.

I hate FB on so many levels but like many others I’ve succumbed to it. Social media can feel like one of the organizer’s greatest tools, but the pendejada can be so deceiving.

Over 20,000 people had supposedly read that Guardian article written about our struggle and thousands have been reading our posts, or so I thought. That’s why I couldn’t believe that we were basically alone at such a pivotal time. I kept waiting for you so that we could say to their f…ed up faces that our gente does care. That we could have been a group of at least 100 women and children who stood up to those liars who want to steal our water for they have already stolen the land.

Although your absence hurt like hell, I can’t say I completely blame you for not watching my back. I know why you don’t want to waste your time playing their one-sided game. I know that you know that this is all one hell of a show that reminds us that there is no such thing as democracy. Yeah I know all of that.

But I say to you that we can’t give up. If we give up now it’s like giving up on our abuelitos y abuelitas. It would be like handing over our precious and sacred water to those f…ers without a fight. It would be saying to that farmer who just spent all day in the hot sun – ‘me vale madre tu cosecha.’

The other day I caught myself saying that it’s going on two years that we’ve been involved in this battle. Then I reminded myself that these wars have been going on since those hijos de la chingada arrived and invaded our lands and they will continue to make a profit at our expense, especially if we don’t resist.

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I refuse to be conquered. I refuse to be bought. But most of all, I refuse to have to look into the eyes of one our elders and say that we gave up.

We need you raza. With you by our side we are stronger.

#santolina #stopsprawl #chicana #resistance #lablogadora

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