Proud to be Mexican

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Who cares what that idiota Trump said about los Mexicanos. As if we didn’t know that deep down every white person they’re thinking some garbage about us Brown and Black folk. That we’re lazy, sleazy, loud, inferior, or whatever other stereotype their mind is conjuring up.

But, people who think that way, including los vendidos y confudidos that walk among us, have probably never step foot in Mexico, nuestra madre tierra.

A couple of weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to attend a festival in Oaxaca. There were so many times that I had to stop, breathe in deeply, observe my surroundings, and reflect upon the space I was in. From the buildings to the people to the food, everything so alive and thriving.

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That’s one of the distinct differences between los estados sufridos and Mexico – la vida social. In Mexico you feel and are suddenly alive. There’s so much activity all around. People moving about every which way, the architecture, the sculptures, el arte everywhere, and all of the micro-businesses that thrive.

Elotes… Paletas… Loud cumbia… Los tacos… Ojos morenos… Movimiento…

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And no I’m not such a naive pocha so as to paint it all rose-colored, for nuestro Mexico, as every other place, comes with it’s own sets of challenges. Crime. Poverty. Classism. Racism. Corrupt government. But, one thing you can’t deny is that every nook is teeming with life and activity.

So as I heard about what el tonto de Trump said in regards to our powerful, intelligent, and resilient Mexican clan I thought to myself – what an absolute ignorante. Ignorante like the rest of the bunch who have attributed such negativity to nosotros los mexicanos. I could hear my abue saying – “es que no saben mija.” Pues no saben y son una bola de ya sabes que.

The other day as I sat with one of the young woman from our leadership institute I made it a point to tell her at least a few times – “Be proud of who you are. Be proud to be a Mexicana. For those who say all of those negative things about us, es que no saben y son ignorantes. They don’t know the beautiful culture and traditions of our people who are filósofos, matemáticos, científicos, artistas, gente tan trabajadora. No saben. So walk with your head held high because you are MexiCAN!”

So next time your brain returns to the erroneous thought that all of us are narcotraficantes or criminales, ask the Mexican sitting next to you to give you a good cachetada so you can snap out of that absurd thought.

#trumpeltonto #proudmexican #lablogadora

Arte: Lourdes Villagómez: crucigramas del folklor mexicano

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