Short-length as a possible reflection of society’s current state of consciousness

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Over the last year or maybe more I’ve noticed that the length of shorts women are wearing has significantly decreased, I mean seriously decreased. [Note: not all women of course.]

I, as many others including men, women, and children, can’t help but to take note of the hefty piece of cheek hanging out of cut-off denim shorts the loca is wearing as she passes by.

I wonder out loud as I look in horror – did she look at herself in the mirror and think that really looks good? And who is she thinking it looks good to?

Seriously people, what up with the exposed nalga look?

I was recently reminded of this obnoxious trend as I sat and had my afternoon cafecito in one of the plazas in Oaxaca.

I’ve been teaching here for almost 2 weeks and I have not seen one, I will repeat, not one of the Oaxacan women sporting nalga-shorts. But yesterday as I sat at the plaza enjoying Oaxaca captured in a cup of dark, rich coffee I was abruptly reminded of the ‘show-as-much-of-your-pale-butt’ trend as a group of young white women passed by. Every single one of them was wearing beyond short-shorts, some of their shorts practically up their rear ends and another with one cheek more exposed than the other.

I couldn’t help but notice the looks of disbelief and slight shock on the faces of the Oaxacan family and the abuelita walking behind the young women. It made me stop and remember a thought that had passed through my delirious brain before – is the condition of our society somehow reflected in the short-length worn by especially young women in the US?

Does the ‘show-me-as-much-of-your-nalgas-without-fully-showing-it’ look represent an utter lack of caring and responsibility to our society and people in general?

I mean the girl with more than half her left cheek must have cared very little about the children and elders that would be walking behind her when she decided to put them on and then actually walk out of her house with them.

Am I outdated? Am I showing my age? Are you thinking I’m acting like a traditional Mexicana [what does that mean anyway]? Is my disapproval of the trend not in line with 21st century freedom?

Well I don’t know about you all but in my head I can’t help but think that this ‘I-don’t-give-a-crap-I’ll-show-my-butt’ attitude is adding to the current state of messy affairs the US finds itself in.

It’s not that I think for a second that we should regulate the female body, heck no to that. But I do think that this ‘show-your-ass’ in public look is a reflection of an attitude reflecting disrespect and shallowness.

In conclusion, save the butt-show for home gente!

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1 comments on “Short-length as a possible reflection of society’s current state of consciousness”

  1. This is a poor fashion statement. On the other hand, these sorts of criticisms were leveled at women back when they started showing ankles and knees and it was socially unacceptable. I wonder who designs and markets this clothing. Probably men.


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