Can’t we all just get along?

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I seriously had to just stop everything that I was doing to burn some sage in an attempt to ward off the cloud of bad mojo floating around me and write this. Writing is the way I process things or at least try to process them so I can be more rational-minded, whatever that means.

I keep asking myself the same question – are we in some type of astronomical funk o que? It seems that these last couple of weeks, especially this last week has been overfilled, I mean spilling feo, with misunderstandings, conflict, and straight-out unnecessary aggression directed at human beings. The planets must be in misalignment right now because I’ve noticed that it’s happening beyond my own personal space of locuras, the intense and ugly energia is everywhere.

These past days I went from someone aggressively asking me if I had a problem in a meeting to someone trying to school me via email to having to deal with the b.s. chisme related to someone’s insecurities about not being el mero mero.

When things get so bizarre like this I feel like withdrawing to cave-mode and just avoiding everything and everyone. But what good does that do, right? The power of el ojo will find you in whatever rincon you’re hiding at.

As I talked to my maestro this morning he reminded me of one of the four agreements – don’t take anything personally. I think I had to repeat that phrase muddled among some maldiciones at least a few dozen times before it started sinking in.

“Don’t take things personally…” “Don’t take things personally…” Repeat.

Can people cut me some slack here, por fa?

But like I said it’s everywhere so watch out or maybe you’ve been part of it and if you have been then maybe you should take a moment and give yourself one or two good swift kicks in the rear.

Let’s stop hating people, it doesn’t get us anywhere. Ugh.

#lablogadora #fullmoon #angrygentegohome #chicana

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