Los Gatekeepers

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Many of you already know what gatekeeper refers to but just in case you forgot, here’s a refresher.

Gatekeepers are individuals who whether they like to admit it or not, decide whether you are worthy (or not) to receive what could be seen as a benefit to you such as a job promotion, a connection to a network, important information needed, etc.

Gatekeepers are people who have gained relative power in the system and now believe that they are entitled to evaluate your worthiness of receiving their help or better yet, their connection to something or someone that could possible benefit you in the long run.

What I have found through careful observation is that most gatekeepers will end up making sure you do NOT receive the possible beneficial connection or information. Gatekeepers end up functioning as exactly that – “keepers of the gate” – to systems and structures in place that are definitely not equitable or fair or just.

But what is most troubling in all of this is that the worst gatekeepers seem to be our own gente. Yeah you heard me – our own gente. It’s painful to even say it.

Logically you would think that once our gente get into positions of power or at least have more access to resources and information, that they would make sure the rest of us get at least a micro-slice of the privileged pie.

But what eventually happens is what most of us cannot escape (despite the indoctrination of religion, rigorous education, traditional upbringing, etc.) – human nature.

As you are out there walking in the world you will notice that los gatekeepers come in all shapes, sizes, and types (listed in no particular order of offensivity):

  • Non-Profit Industrial Complex Gatekeepers
  • Higher Education/Academia Gatekeepers
  • Religious Gatekeepers
  • Raza Gatekeepers
  • Patriarchal Gatekeepers
  • Wannabe Gatekeepers

The list can of course go on indefinitely.

Maybe what we should all do, especially as we move up the rungs of the deceptive ladder, is to put our feet to the fire and constantly question what our motives are when we consciously choose not to help our people. This is especially so for those who consider themselves allies to justicia and the cause.

Come on people don’t we already have it hard enough trying to ‘make it’ (whatever that means) in this lopsided society?

Chale with los gatekeepers!

#lablogadora #gatekeepers

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