Indigenous Resistance Day

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Today many of us who are cloaked in shades of brown skin will refuse to even acknowledge, much less celebrate, ese hijo de la fregada.

You are not a hero to us. You did not discover spaces that were already thriving before you and yours stepped one savage foot on the land.

Today we acknowledge that many of us continue to carry the imposed historical and political traumas. Haunting memories that still run throughout the veins.

So as some celebrate this day by immersing themselves in capitalist traditions that allow them forgetfulness …

          “Everything on sale!”

          “50-70% off!”

“Buy one get one free”

we remember all of those who suffered and died, images too painful to describe and revive.

To their dismay and surprise, we continue on even if some of us stagger, even if we may lose our footing here and there, we continue on our paths.

So instead of celebrating your foul name, we will celebrate our resilience and strength and all of those beings who continued on the traditions and languages even if it meant losing their lives.

You should be afraid that despite all of the conscious atrocities committed against the people, despite the intent to completely eradicate, we have not only survived, we have thrived.

#lablogadora #indigenousresistance #resilient

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