Los Borregos and Acts of Inequitable Compassion

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Most of the Mexican@s and Chican@s reading this will most likely know what “borrego” refers to and for the rest, no I’m not talking about some fluffy sheep roaming about the pasture.

“No seas como los borregos,” or, “No seas una borrega.”

Loudly hearing those phrases my dad has continuously said to me since I can remember. “Mija, don’t be a sheep.” Baaaaa.

So why am I remembering this today and sharing it on the blog? The events of these past days have worked to shove me in that space. Some of you who actually know me, I mean really know me, may have heard me say that I’m a slightly unidirectional FB user. Meaning that I’ll post but don’t spend much time gazing into the lives of my FB friends. No se, looking at your pics makes me feel a bit like a peeper. Here and there I tend to look at the newsfeed but not much more than that. Anyway… so this weekend I couldn’t help but notice the raza exhibiting borrego behaviors. Here I will refrain from specific examples because my point is not to incite conflict, I’m just trying to reflect a bit, use more of a critical lens when I interpret worldly events, news, etc.

I just couldn’t help but notice how so many of the raza were borregiando you know. Media says, “Jump!” and we say, “how high?” Well f$%# that. Serious. If we are about compassion, if we are about empathy, if we are about being critical, if we are more than all of this B.S., then where was/is the equity? [No not equality because we all know that’s a crock of crap.]

Seeing my gente follow along like a flock of sheep made my brown skin cringe. My Xicana eyes witnessing the stark reminders that Brown, Black, and Red bodies are STILL not equitably regarded with the same amount of compassion and dignity.

Hundreds, if not thousands, de nuestras mujeres still missing.

43 students forever gone.

Beirut bombings.

147 dead in Kenya.

Lifeless Brown and Black bodies torn to shreds – images for the whole world to see.

But none of that seems to have the same effect on hearts, eyes, and minds across the globe. Don’t tell me that it does. Puras mentiras.

As I sit here, gazing upon the FB feed and seeing one after the other, faces painted blue, white, and red, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of grief and shame.

Amazon propaganda shouting – “Solidarité!”

O si? Apparently solidarity is demanded only when valued bodies bleed.

#lablogadora #nosoyborrega #Chicana

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