WTFF Moments

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AKA – “What the Fucking Fuck?!” Moments

First of all, please mi gente, excuse what can easily be perceived to be extremely foul language, but I had to write this piece and if I’m honest, it reflects how I often feel throughout the course of dealing with life and the many curve balls it throws at us.

I also have to give credit where credit is due and this is not my original idea, it came out of el ruco’s mouth and we were cracking up so hard that I had to share it.

Here’s what happened…

The other day the ruco was telling me about this high level meeting he was forced to attend. This was a typical institutional meeting filled with suits and individuals wound up so tight they can hardly move, laugh, or even breathe. At this meeting the very high paid execs were responsible for sharing what was supposed to be a super analytical report that of course didn’t live up to its hefty bureaucratic price tag (more than most of us make in a year, serio).

office meme

He said that as he was sitting there trying to understand what this ‘high-end’ person was explaining (or better yet, trying to convince them that this watered down b.s. report was worth the money and time) when in the back of his mind emerged – “What the fucking fuck?!” Said in his tone and with his expression, we just busted out laughing because this statement is so reflective of how many of us feel about the academy, about la politica, about los vendidos and other confused people wandering about. [Disclaimer: calm down raza, this doesn’t pertain to all of you who inhabit the institution. Okay, maybe a little.]

The beauty of the “What the Fucking Fuck?!” Moment is that it’s not just a WTF kind that most of us experience on a daily, maybe hourly basis. No, this type is at least a grade or two above. It’s when you are so absolutely stunned and shocked with what a person had to say or what they did that a WTF was definitely not enough, you had to add the adjective to emphasize the absurdity, the self-righteousness, the disgust, the absolute idiocy of the statement and/or act that was observed.

Here are a couple of other examples that pop in my head and maybe some of you can offer your own to share:

Example 1. The feeling you get when you hear Trump’s latest tonteras. Wow, so many examples to choose from – starting from his plans to deport us all to his latest offensive gestures and comments regarding a physically challenged reporter. Moreover, a WTFF moment so accurately captures the sick feeling you get when you think about the fact that in our society someone like Trump can be an actual contender in something so important as a Presidential race. That fact alone is so problematic and disturbing on so many levels that it outweighs any of the absurdities that spill out the gaping hole he calls mouth.

Example 2. The thought that crosses your mind when you see and hear the raza succumbing to internal colonizer behaviors in vivo and especially on social media – e.g., when churris papas raza belittle the accomplishments of others, laugh at folks during serious meetings/events, and especially when razita choose to hate on others in the same community fighting similar battles. Apparently it makes them feel better when they trample all over folks with their continuous verbal abuse. Yeah you know who I’m talking about, they’re always talking smack about all of us, including your mama, no one is exempt.

Example 3. How you felt when you found out that you didn’t get a specific job when you and the rest of the folks full well know that not only did you deserve the position, but had more qualifications than the mofo they hired. [I swear I’m not talking about myself!]

Example 4. The expression that goes through your mind when you see white folks and commercialized raza continue to coopt and commodify cultures and traditions not theirs. Take for example the current hot yoga trends that have taken off exponentially across the country. At $15-$20 charged per class to breathe in the toxic body fumes of mostly white/middle class bodies and someone else’s nalgas in your face, we definitely know who the business is targeting and especially who it is not.

Screen shot 2015-11-30 at 1.00.24 PM

Example 5. The thought that went through my mind several times when I saw the masses of whites and High-spanics make their way over the bridge to the Valle de Atrisco for the Marigold Parade. Many of us have been happy for the success of the event over the years but not so happy with what can become a complete commercialization of such a sacred and important tradition. And seriously, aren’t these the same people who continue to perpetuate the myths/lies about our community? Just recently a student told me that they were explicitly instructed at a university program not to go to the South Valley because it’s too dangerous. WTFF?!

So again, it’s not that I’m trying to be grosera, it’s that WTFF moments accurately describe so many behaviors we continue to witness on the daily.

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