Richest 62 = Half of World’s Wealth

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How many of you heard this story that made headlines about a week ago? That the wealth of the richest 62 people in the world is equivalent to the wealth of half of the world’s poorest population? Just to add to the asco (disgust) of it all, the equation would be as follows:

62 rich cabrones = 3.6 BILLION people living in poverty

62 = 3,600,000,000

How is this possible and most importantly, how is this ethical? I kept repeating the number over and over to my kids when we first heard this story on NPR and although I’m not certain that they could analyze the extent of it, they clearly understood that this was/is just not okay.

To think of the lives of people who truly live in poverty around the globe and the absolute sufrimiento they endure on the daily from hunger to illness, meanwhile across the globe those #62cabrones live their greedy lives in utmost comfort.

“Most concerning, this growing divide isn’t just the product of the rich getting richer: According to Oxfam, the wealth owned by the poorest 50 percent fell by a trillion dollars over the past five years, a 41 percent drop. The net worth of the richest 62 people grew by $542 billion, a 44 percent gain.” (

Is it that these #62fregados learned to pull their bootstraps better than 3.6 billion others? Is their wealth due to their ‘hard work’ and intelligence? Or, is their wealth a complete mockery of humanity?

62. A number providing us with a rude and harsh reminder of the effectiveness and unfairness inherent in the capitalistic system. #62filthyhumans stepping on the broken (but resilient) backs of 3.6 billion Others.

And for those of you who have scoffed at the 99% movement, here’s a quote in support of their most logical argument:

“Analyzing data collected by Credit Suisse, the anti-poverty organization further reports that the global one percent controlled as much wealth as the bottom 99 percent in 2015” (

So what will it take for us to finally act? How much more inequity do we need to witness until we finally say – “Ya basta!” Does the figure need to reach 62 = 99% of the world’s population wealth for us to finally move?

I sit here and wonder if any one of the #62wealthhorders feel anything… Do they feel any ever so slight guilt or discomfort knowing that their billions are at the expense of billions of lives? Do they think about the suffering children? The abuelitas fallen ill? The cold nights? The sub-par conditions that 3.6+++ billion humans are subjected to at their expense?

My thoughts suddenly head in another direction… And what about us? Those that lie somewhere in between… The headlines make us shift our focus to the abhorrent 62, but are we to be completely absolved from taking a part, even if it is only a ‘small’ part, in the wretched game? Should we not be held accountable as well? Although the majority of us are far from being part of the #62club, we cannot remotely state that our fate is similar to the 3.6 billion. If the 3.6 billion cannot move due to abject poverty’s stifling stronghold, then shouldn’t we help in creating a stir or are we held still, immersed within our own despicable complacent comfort?

So next time any one touts capitalism as a form of freedom, let’s hope someone nearby gives them a real good cachetada on behalf of the 3.6 billion.


#lablogadora #62richcabrones #Chicana

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