Xicana Reflection: Trump, Race, and Schools

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“Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses…”

Name that tune. For those of you who grew up listening to 90s rock like me, it’s an easy challenge.

“Killing in the Name,” by Rage Against the Machine, of course. [Press link to song here to get the full effect of this piece, andale.]

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 8.31.31 AM
Killing in the Name

Coincidentally the other day when I had just heard the horrible news in the morning that #TrumpElTonto would be the GOP frontrunner, that song with its lyrics so true was playing on the radio.

And as I continued to reflect on this notion of someone like Trump being closer than ever to holding the Presidential seat of los Estados Sufridos, my mind wandered off to the fact that this $%#& has wreaked havoc for many people of color and allies alike.

But, have all of these Trump-terias (like tonterias, get it?) invoked the same effect on all of us across the country? I wonder if the children of liberal well-to-do whites feel the same sense of fear as many children of Mexicano and Latino descent have expressed in classrooms across the nation?

And for those of you naysayers, yes the children are talking about Trump at school. They talk about him on a daily basis. He has become their nightmare, a nightmare that was clearly expressed in a 3rd grade art project at one of our local dual-language schools. Arpillera after arpillera stood out the monstrous disfigured head of “el pelos de elote.”

At first I kept asking, but how is it that this diablo has made its way into the class? But after hearing their stories I understood that the children were repeating the fears of their parents – most of whom are undocumented and now afraid.

“My greatest fear is that my family gets deported if Trump becomes President.”

“I don’t want to get deported, this is my home.”

And many other fears expressed by children who do not deserve to feel this way while Trump el cabron is living out his most sensationalized reality TV series yet – The Imposter.

I have heard many people express surprise at the Trump-terias expressed by este guey but not me. What Trump has done is to scratch off the veneer of sugar-coated tense racial relations that for so long have been hidden underneath the surface of a “can’t we all just get along” rhetoric. Now that the veneer is gone, we are able to bear witness to all of the twisted, ignorant, backward, and horrific thinking of masses of people who at one point claimed to be the friends of Brown and Black bodies.

“I’m not racist, I have a friend who’s Black!”

Those very same people who paid so much lip service to equal opportunity have suddenly and shamelessly jumped on the Trump bandwagon.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 8.46.47 AM

What Trump represents is the very real racial tensions that continue to exist. He has said things in our faces that many out there no longer dared to say but always kept in their subconscious. Trump has opened the floodgates to a real look at racial dynamics.

Trump has brought todo eso feo to the surface and now that it’s there, its due time to admit that there has always been a problem.


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1 comments on “Xicana Reflection: Trump, Race, and Schools”

  1. I know we can all vent on our own pages and that is healthy, but my boyfriend is Mexican and would never see himself as less than or slighted by Trump. Trump is a prophetic voice to this era that we live in and although voting is a joke because politics is meant to cause division, those seeing him as a bigot arent hearing his heart. Yes he is an ass and acts like a prideful jerk, but he is speaking truth about governmental ways that are deceptive. I get it, your not a thug but, America does need to keep them out if they are going to hurt our country, regardless of what ethnicity they are. I’m on your side but worked in Washington D.C. for three years where “the passing of bills” were bought in slum bars by lobbyists. Half the time, parties stage drama for racism to rise. We never have the full picture from our remedial “citizen” point of view. Politics is meant to screw the life out of people, don’t let it.


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