Who needs the white man…?


Who needs the white man when I got my lil primo to put me down, to oppress me, to hate on me, to trample on me, to remind me of the colonization that lingers on. screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-12-06-46-am

That’s why the system continues to win so cleanly because it has you – mi hermano, mi otro yo – working against me.  Their lily white hands staying so clean while ours are filthy with each other’s blood.

I read about this so many times in those god damned classes but every time my brown eyes would read the words outing us to the world on how we have been more divided then united, I would deny it.  I would say to all of those white folks sitting around me talking about us as if I wasn’t there, that they were so wrong.  The body cringing, sinking lower in my chair.

Four days later and here I am with a figurative stake in the heart, but not in the mind and never in the spirit.

Who needs the white man when I got you?





2 comments on “Who needs the white man…?”

  1. Wishing you love, Hermana. I hope your heart is ok. I’m working hard to teach my babies to always be their for theirs, it’s terrifying to think of the ways colonization can reach right past my teachings and paint them anyway.


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