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All morning long in preparation

Of precious food

To feed

Even more precious mouths


It had been years

Much too long

Since I

Had prepared your favorite dish


Maybe it was avoidance

Or outright refusal

But today

My hands embarked on the task


As I lovingly washed the fruta

And cut everything into

Neat pieces

You came to life once again


A melancholy song playing in the background

As I could feel your essence in my

Trembling hands

Assembling everything the way you taught us


I could feel you so near

Your forever reassuring presence

Como siempre

Mi querida abuelita


Today was not marked

By the resurrection

Of Him

But of You


As the elders  taught us so long ago

You continue to

Live on

Inside of everyone one of us


I think of you often

And hold you near to

My heart

That will house you until…


…the day that

I part


#lablogadora #abuelita #capirotada #xicana

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