Holy crap “Mexican” is in

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Yeah you heard me right, Mexican is now a thing! It’s trending, it’s cool, it’s what people are paying to wear this summer and I’m not just talking about those on their privileged escapades to Mexican resorts. It’s happening here in the good ole U.S. of A. Serious!

Over the weekend I was out for the third time in the last couple of months on a quest to find new sandals because damn my feet have been burning up in my lil ankle boots that I can’t seem to put away no matter how hot its getting out there.

Of course I hit Shoes on a Shoestring hoping that this time I would find the right pair that would look good in both jeans and a summer dress. I arrived and started eyeing the shoes. I have a method. I go down an aisle and look right and then left. I have to remind myself to slow down because if I try to go all speed of light, I end up mareada and who wants to be dizzy when you’re trying to pick out new kicks?

Ok so I kept looking and looking and then my brain registered something before I could formalize the thought. I had noticed something that made me stop in my tracks and do a double, maybe triple take.

“What?!” I exclaimed. I think I even said it out loud but with my delirious mind I never know. IMG_1284

“Huaraches?! No freakin’ way!”

But yes way (or better yet, buey or guey if we want to be real Mexican and authentic).

I wasn’t being delusional and yes I was seeing pair upon pair of huarache-like shoes.

IMG_1285There were brown ones, black ones, colorful ones, and even some that looked like they came straight out of Doña Meche’s danza bag!

My adventure didn’t end there. Once again I was unsuccessful at finding a new pair of sandals and since I already own huaraches and I refuse to buy any not made in Mexico, I ventured over next door to TJ Maxx. I couldn’t believe my eyes. What was the first display placed at the very front of the store? Mas Mexicana/o! A huipil type looking blouse. IMG_1287And as I continued to walk down the aisle there was yet another blusa and of course more huarache-type shoes.

“Holy crap!” I thought, “Mexican is in.”

But then of course my race-trained brain swiftly moved to the following thought, but do those cabrones even know that we’ve been sporting some type of huaraches and huipil since probably before the pre-conquest days and do they even realize this is a Mexican thing?

I mean if we’re honest, man, sometimes it feels like we’re the most despised ethnicity of them all. With so many anti-immigrant laws in our face, anti-English rules in schools, racial profiling, ICE on the rise, the ginormous wall Trump el tonto wants to build, and so much more. I mean it’s constantly in our face and in our ears of how bad we are but I think people are just hating.

Yeah, I know we’re taking over. We’re everywhere now, I mean everywhere. Alaska, the Midwest, the Northeast, and we rule the Southwest. Name any town or city, even the super racist backwards ones and you know there’s a lil Mexican restaurant there. The bright yellowish sign proudly sporting, Tio Chepo or Tia Maria, or Tacos El Unico, something like that.

I can just hear them saying, “Oh I sure love me them tacos!”

But yet you don’t love us. Bastards!

So yes mi raza, despite the baboso and all his anti-raza rhetoric, it seems to me that it’s the year of the Mexican. Yes, we could easily get hung up on the newest example of cooptation, it never stops and never will. The corporate world and its offspring will always take what’s not theirs and then try to make it their own and of course profit from it.

But maybe it’s some type of statement from some sneaky liberal designers or businesses. Maybe it could be some type of response or backlash to the political nightmare we won’t be waking up from until 2020 (or at least we hope). I can’t speak for the rest of my Chicana hermanas but I have to say that it does make me a bit happy to know that the lil gringas will be wearing their cool huaraches everywhere, despite the Trumponian era we’re living in.

It’s like saying, “Take this Trump you mo-fo-! Here’s my gwarucheese (aka huaraches) in yo big ugly orange face!”


#lablogadora #chicana #huaraches-are-in #yearoftheMexican #trumponianera


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