New Year’s Resolution #1: Break Up with Netflix

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goodbye netflixYes, you heard me right. I’m breaking up with you Netflix so stop emailing me about things you think would interest me, trying to lure me back into the deep dark abyss of wasted time with you.

Next thing you know you’re going to start sending me texts too!

How many years has this thing been going on between us? Yeah, that’s right, too many and today I work up the courage to tell you that it’s finally over.

Okay, well maybe not completely over.

What if we commit to just a weekend thing? Here’s what I’m thinking, during the week we focus on ourselves. You: keep producing great things for us to watch together. Me: I become more productive this year by not seeing you on weekdays, especially at night when I should be reading and writing.

Isn’t there a saying that a little time away makes the heart grow fonder or some B.S. like that?

It’s not that I don’t like you because dammit, I think I love you.

It’s not that you don’t make me happy because you actually give me such a strange mix of so many emotions. You’re like a rollercoaster ride that has no end.

It’s not that you’re not there for me because you, only you, have been there for me during the best and worst moments and even everything in between.

It’s not that you don’t fulfill me, because you absolutely do.

But, this thing between us has become more of an addiction. Yes, I hate to admit it but I think I’m addicted to you.

As soon as nighttime approaches I start thinking of you and only you and when you give me good product, I can’t stop. Like literally I can’t, I’ll even stay up all night once in a while just for you.

Ah! You make me feel so weak. But, no more! Well, okay just less of you.

So with this new year always comes new resolutions. Yes, I’m one of those who believes in resolutions and there’s no shame in it. If anything, we should applaud people for taking time to think about what improvements they want to see in themselves and in their lives.

Now whether or not we keep our resolutions, is a different story. But what I’ve found is that people overreach, meaning that their resolutions are way too lofty. They want to suddenly lose all of the grasita they’ve accumulated over a lifetime by cutting out one snack a day or adding one workout a week and that’s just not possible. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been on that lose weight bandwagon every year since I hit 35.

What we need to do is set reasonable goals and they shouldn’t just be about the dreaded weight.

Our resolutions/goals should include improvements we want to make personally, professionally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Do we want to become a better parent? Yes, write out how you will stop yelling at the chamakos and will refrain from throwing the flying chankla at them (for the record I don’t do either).

Do we want to write more? Yes, draft out a writing schedule that excludes lying there at night in a comatose state watching Netflix after a long day of work and mothering.

Do we want to be healthier (vs. just weight loss)? Yes, set a goal of eating at least one healthy meal a day and cutting out the chicharrones with Valentina snack.

The point is, it’s a great thing to always strive to make improvements and maybe by sharing them and making this a collective venture where we can include some accountability, we can keep to them throughout the year.

So I’ve told you my No. 1 Resolution for 2019, my semi break up with Netflix, what’s yours?

netflix meme

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