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Los Borregos and Acts of Inequitable Compassion

Most of the Mexican@s and Chican@s reading this will most likely know what “borrego” refers to and for the rest, no I’m not talking about some fluffy sheep roaming about the pasture. “No seas como los borregos,” or, “No seas una borrega.” Loudly hearing those phrases my dad has continuously said to me since I

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Dia de los Muertos 2015

What more is there to say? Most of those cabrones don’t even have a remote idea of what Dia de los Muertos is about.  In their shallow minds the day has become equated to painting your face and of course partying.  Ignorance at its best represented by the current commercialization and co-opting of a Mexicano

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Short-length as a possible reflection of society’s current state of consciousness

Over the last year or maybe more I’ve noticed that the length of shorts women are wearing has significantly decreased, I mean seriously decreased. [Note: not all women of course.] I, as many others including men, women, and children, can’t help but to take note of the hefty piece of cheek hanging out of cut-off

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