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Seriously New Mexico (and Nation) que paso?

Anybody else in deep depression or straight out anger this morning? Maybe I should go door to door telling folks thanks a lot for not getting your behind out to vote. 4 more years of Susana la … (fill in the blank with your favorite word). And if that wasn’t enough of a slap in

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Who needs enemies when we have each other?

Alright raza when does one finally earn their stripes? Please don’t tell me when I’m 6 foot under or actually in my case, strewn all over the Califaztlan coast. Let me explain a bit more. I’m referring to the unfortunate reality in our communities, especially among activists, of the practice of “hating” on one another.

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Hispanics turning white?!

Ay dios mio could the nightmare be coming true that the raza is undergoing an identity shift from Hispanic to white? Yes I’m referring to the Pew study that came out a few months ago followed by the sensationalized article titled “More Hispanics Declaring Themselves White” published in the New York Times. Most disturbing, but

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