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Xicana Reflection: Trump, Race, and Schools

“Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses…” Name that tune. For those of you who grew up listening to 90s rock like me, it’s an easy challenge. “Killing in the Name,” by Rage Against the Machine, of course. [Press link to song here to get the full effect of this

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Xicana Feminist y Que!

Yeah that’s right people. I can just see some of you shaking your head at this opening statement and I can almost hear your remarks. “I thought only crazy white women were feminists?” “Que le paso a la hermana? Now she really lost it!” But take a close look around and you will find that

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L@s politic@s…

… come in all shapes, sizes, and walks of life. But one thing that they have in common is the platica they carry and will come to master. Their affirmative nods, firm handshakes, and mumbled rhetoric that confuses many, fools some, but not los truchas who can see right through the muddled mess. I have

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